Sunday 18 Mar 2018
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STS Festival
About Sydney

Sydney is a harbour city with great natural beauty in its waterways and parkland areas, with vibrant inner city cultural and tourist activities and nightlife. If you have time during your visit to Sydney, there are several iconic landmarks to be seen - the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Ferries, Taronga Park Zoo, the historic Rocks area, to mention a few.
Sydney is also renowned for its world class cuisine, wines and coffee.

Tango is well established in Sydney. You can tango here every night, often with a choice of up to 3 or 4 venues per night. There are Milongas and Practicas each night of the week run by various Sydney schools, of which there are about 25 schools. On a good night of a popular milonga you can easily find between 80 to 150 dancers. Special events can draw up to a few hundred or more.

If you are looking for great milongas in Sydney, all classes, practicas and milongas are listed on which gives full details of events and venues. Another useful resource for Tango in Sydney and Australia-wide is Tango Australia's calendar see

Because of its excellent weather, outdoor milongas are a popular practice in Sydney. You can tango 'al fresco' in such beautiful locations as Sydney's iconic Bondi Beach.

Sydney City Panaorama