Sunday 18 Mar 2018
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STS Festival

Francisco Forquera & Carolina Bonaventura are returning to Sydney in a special STS event for 2013 !!!
These fabulous teachers were here last April and everyone who attended their workshops will remember their amazing classes.

Seminarios begin on Easter Sunday straight after the Australian Tango Dance Challenge (ATDC), for which Carolina and Francisco will be Open finals judges.

These renowned maestros are acclaimed dancers and celebrated teachers of Salon and Stage Tango. Theirs are the classes in Buenos Aires where other teachers and professional performers go you can attend seminarios in both Tango Salon and Tango Stage right here in Sydney with these fantastic teachers.
These are the 2013 dont miss workshops to mark in your diaries !!

EASTER FRIDAY MILONGA with Francisco & Carolina at Marrickville Hardcourt Tennis Club - 29 March 2013
Presented by STS Festival and Tango Conca

2 WEEKENDS OF INTENSE WORKSHOPS: 31 March - 01 April and 6 7 April
Programme will include Tango Salon Classes participation from Intermediate Level. Plus Technique Classes which focus on Leaders, Followers & Couples and all are welcome to attend all classes.
These are the classes to give you the essential ingredients and understanding of each role and the specific exercises and movements for you to accomplish the most fundamental and elegant movements and the most complex. (participation minimum 6 months tango experience).

WEEK-DAY EVENING CLASSES: 2 5 April for small groups
- Tango Salon workshops for Advanced Level and All Levels from 6 mths exp
- Stage Tango workshops Intensive workshops - flat & high heel shoes for Ladies, comfortable loose clothing for all no jeans



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