Sunday 18 Mar 2018
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STS Festival
2012 Maestros
"You must first connect with your partner. Then together as one, connect to the music."
Javier Rodriguez

Gabriel Missé and Analia Centurion

Gabriel Missé is one of the great "milongueros" of this generation known for his classic style. He began studying Argentine Tango at age 6 with masters such as Antonio Todaro and Pepito Avellaneda. He has performed with leading artists and musicians like Julian Plaza, Colangelo, Oscar Basil, Alberto Castillo, Roberto Goyeneche, Mariano Mores, Armando Manzanero. He has appeared in tango documentaries for National Geographic and for Japanese television NH. For many years, Gabriel was part of the Miguel Angel Zotto’s company, “Tango x 2,” in its world-wide tours with “Una Noche de Tango” and he has also choreographed several touring Tango Shows. He is an accredited judge for the Buenos Aires Metropolitan and World Tango Championships, and has taught and danced at numerous festivals in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, Mexico, Brazil.

Analia Centurion began her dance studies at age 6 in classical dance and began dancing tango at 16. She has extensive experience dancing and teaching tango in various festivals and workshops in Argentina, North America, Europe and Asia, Mexico and Brazil. She has performed with different companies like Mora Godoy and Juan Carlos Copes and also danced in the show Guan Chestnut, the House Dinner Show, Piazzolla Tango, La Ventana, Madero Tango, Boca Tango and Tango Complex. Analia was a director and choreographer of the young company inside Fusion Tango Buenos Aires with the participation of children and youth from 2001 to 2005 and a judge for elemental rounds of the Tango World Headquarters championship.

Gabriel & Analia

Since restarting their professional dance partnership in 2011, Gabriel and Analia have shared their passion for teaching tango by conducting workshops and exhibitions in Brazil, Canada, United States, Russia, Colombia, Canada and Korea. They have participated as judges and teachers in the world of tango in Buenos Aires and given performances in various Buenos Aires milonga establishments and in New York, with rave reviews in the renowned New York Times, being described as "the Intoxicating Gabriel Missé and Analia Centurion."

Sebastián Missé and Andrea Reyero

Sebastián and Andrea have danced together for the past sixteen years and express with passion, tradition and innovation an elegant and precise style of dance, characterised by great virtuosity, being acclaimed as true tango dancers both by the “Milongueros” as well as the general public. They have danced in many milongas of Buenos Aires and in many theatres and international festivals around the world and for the past 10 years have managed and produced the SMARTANGO company in Paris, one of the most important and recognised Tango Argentine schools in Europe

Andrea has danced from the age of six years old, when she discovered the Argentine folkloric dances, through her grandfather. She danced with the Ballet del Trebol in the province of Santa Fé- Argentine and travelled with this ballet worldwide to dance in many international festivals. (Italy, Spain, U.S., Israel, Argentina). She graduated as professor of Argentine dances from the national Ruanova school in Buenos Aires and has performed with the milongueros, especially those of the district of Villa Urquiza.

Sebastian & Andrea

Sebastián comes from a family of famous and recognized dancers of tango with a tradition which dates from more than twenty years (Andrea, Gabriel & Stella Missé are tango dancers and Mariana a bandonéon player). They discovered the tango world in the milongas of Buenos Aires at a very early age, at eight years old, where the best dancers from the golden age of tango transmitted their tango heritage to them. Their first teacher was Carlos Rivarola. Sebastián then learnt with the famous Zotto brothers (Miguel Angel & Osvaldo) and the master Antonio Todaro.

Roberto Herrera and Lorena Goldestein

Roberto is recognised as among the greatest of tango teachers, choreographers and dancers and is known for his respect for tradition, his innovation and his experimentation. He is a man of charisma, mystery, sensuality and an incomparable technique and has danced on stages around the world.
He was principal dancer of the Argentinean National Ballet directed by Santiago Ayala ("El Chucaro") and Norma Viola. In 1986 he was principal male dancer in the film "Tango Bar". In 1992 and 2006, he was in the cast of "Tango Argentino" in Buenos Aires and in the year 2000 on Broadway. From 1993 to 1995 he was principal male dancer of "Tango Pasion" with the Orchestra Sexteto Mayor. In 1995 he created and directed "Tango Una Historia" which he performed until 2001 in the historic tango bar "El Querandi" in Buenos Aires. He was then the principal male dancer of the Gran Orquestra of Maestro Osvaldo Pugliese and then in "Buenos Aires Tango 3" in Paris, Brussels, Rome and Hong Kong in 2006 and 2007 with the orchestras El Arranque, Vale Tango and Decaraisimo.
Roberto is the founder of an academy in Buenos Aires and now based in Europe, Italy and Parma. In 2004 he created the Compania Argentina de Roberto Herrera and conceived, directed and performed in many touring tango shows, such as "Tango Nuevo", "Tango" and "Tango de Buenos Aires".

Roberto & Lorena

Lorena has been performing, teaching and touring extensively since 2005. She was with the Latinos Opera Theatre 2004 - 2007, with "Morocha and Passionate" with Cecilia Milone, at the Metropolitan Theatre in 2007, as well as the Fever Tour tango company Korea 2007, the Opus Tango Korea in 2008 and the "Journey to Feeling" in Brazil in 2009. Since 2010, Lorena has toured with Roberto Herrera in the show "Tango" to Italy, and to China and Brazil. She has performed at many prestigious milonga establishments and dinner shows in Buenos Aires, such as • Taste of Tango • Esquina Homero Manzi - Argentine as the tango • The ideal • Boca Tango • Tango Sur (hotel Pan Bariloche) • The Old Warehouse • Coffee of Angels. She has given regular tango classes at Gricel (2005-2007, Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso (2004-2005), School of Tango Argentina (2006), Club Bouchard (2005-2008) and the Roberto Herrera Academy since 2010. With Roberto Herrera, Lorena now performs and teaches in workshops and festivals around the world.

"Pancho" Martinez Pey and Lorena Ermocida

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina "Pancho" studied from the age of 13 years in Folk Dance, Malambo, Bombo and Boleadoras (Institute of Artistic Education Native) and the Ballet Argentino Zupay, under the direction of teachers Juan Caceres and Elba Maceira . He also took classes in Classical Ballet with Carina Pazzaglini and Monica Souto, and Jazz with Laura Roatta. His tango masters were Héctor Falcón Tango and Susana Rojo, Juan Carlos Copes, Celia Blanco, Raul Bravo, Mingo Pugliese, Osvaldo Zotto, Rodolfo and Maria Cieri, Rodolfo Dinzel, Flask. Pancho has made numerous presentations in tango shows such as Red Ink, Café Tortoni and La Cumparsita. He also joined the cast of dancers Supertango 97, in the old Michelangelo, led by teacher Gloria and Eduardo. In France he won a silver medal with Argentina Dance Group led by Hector Arico, in the International Dance Festival of the Pyrenees and Dijon. He danced in various shows, such as Taste of Tango, Friends of Tango (Carlos Mareco cycle in ATC)and worked in shows with the Bizarre Tango Company, as choreographic assistant under the direction of Rodrigo "Joe" Tie, with Mora Godoy, and in Supertango99 in Michelangelo, and at La Esquina Homero Manzi, under the direction of Dolores de Amo, at Cafe Homer. In 2002 he participated in the musical directed by Omar Pacheco Tango choreographed by Mora Godoy, at the Teatro Nacional. The play won 5 awards ACE. He also participated in the film Fatal Tango directed by Carlos Copello, as a singer, actor and dancer. From September 2005 until January 2009, Pancho was captain coach of choreography and toured with the dance musical Tango. In 2011 he joined the cast of the musical life Tita ... Tango Time, starring Nacha Guevara. Since 1996 he teaches Tango in Argentina and countries around the world.

Pancho and Lorena

Lorena Ermocida graduated from the Academy of Classical and Contemporary Dance, and devoted herself to the study of the Argentine Tango with teachers like Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Gustavo Naveira and Olga Besio, Mingo and Esther Pugliese, Antonio Todaro, among others. She has worked as a dancer and teacher in the Gallery of Tango Argentino, has participated in several documentaries and films like Evita. She has worked as a choreographer and dancer in various programmes, such as the Gotan project with Juan Carlos Copes; and Tango x 2 in 1995 and 1996. With her partner Osvaldo Zotto, she worked with the famous singer Julio Iglesias from 1999 to 2008 and has performed in festivals and major theaters around the world including the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, the Royal Albert Hall in London, Luna Park, Bs, l 'Opéra de Paris, among others.
She has worked in Europe, the U.S., Canada and Switzerland and participated as guest of honor at the 2010 Festival of Florianópolis. Lorena won the Massine Positano Prize for her contributions to tango and has for several years participated as a judge at the World Tango Championships of Buenos Aires.


Sebastián & Andrea

Sebastian and Andrea

Roberto & Lorena

Roberto and Lorena

Gabriel y Analia

Gabriel and Analia

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Pancho and Lorena