Sunday 25 Feb 2018
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STS Festival
2011 DJs
"Tango can be danced in a thousand different ways, but . . . Without the music there is no dance, no tango, no teacher, no student. A true teacher can only transmit the teaching the music has left him."
"Tete" Pedro Rusconi

Pedro Alvarez

Pedro is a highly experienced and popular Tango DJ based in Sydney with a great knowledge and passion for Tango music - particularly that of the Golden Era. Since 2001 he has DJ'd hundreds of Milongas in Sydney and across Australia and New Zealand.

Dance and Tango music have always been an integral part of Pedro's life since his childhood growing up in the city of Buenos Aires, where his earliest memories are of being lulled to sleep with Tango songs.

From his extensive collection of over 4000 Tango songs, Pedro selects only the most danceable tracks. These are arranged in 'tandas' - sets of the same genre, style and orchestra, with 'cortina' breaks, as it is done in Buenos Aires. He is focused on arranging and positioning tandas to deepen a dancer's appreciation of each orquesta. Pedro's style is to let the playlist evolve organically so that it becomes a dialogue with the dancers. He tailors his arrangements to the mood and energy of the dancers, to complement and spike the energy curve of the night, and to make dancing irresistible!

Pedro is the regular DJ at Patio de Tango's weekly El Greco milonga at 'The Mediterranean' in Surry Hills and their Monthly Saturday Milonga at the RSL Club in Bexley. He was the Grand Milonga DJ for the Sydney Tango Salon Festival in 2010.


Maxima Chang

Maxima Chang was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Throughout her tango dancing years, from the age of 18, she has learned from Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Missé and Marite Lujan, who are also her mentors in life.

In arranging the music for Milongas, she learned from and was inspired by many old porteño DJs. The music she plays is infused with her memories of the beautiful ambience of her musical experiences during her one-year stay in Buenos Aires in 2009.

In Taiwan, Maxima is the regular DJ for the weekly milonga at Corazon Studio and the weekly milonga at the Tanguisimo Studio. She was also invited to be DJ for Sebastian Missé & Andrea Reyero Workshop, Andres Laza Moreno & Isabel Acuña Workshop both in 2010 and was a DJ for the 9th Taipei Tango Festival in 2011.


Leonel Colque

Leonel has lived most of his life in Buenos Aires but has been living in Canada for the last three years. He is an experienced tango dancer, teacher and DJ. His preference is tangos with vocals as, for him, the words light up a passionate flame within and it was this passion which drove him to change his marketing career into a life dedicated to tango.

In Buenos Aires, he has performed in well known milongas like "La Viruta" and the prestigious "Confiteria Ideal", where he also gave classes. As a DJ, he has compiled an impressive library of music of about 6000 songs. He builds up his tandas with the best music of yesterday and today. He believes the challenge of being a DJ is that, like when you dance, you have to improvise. Just as you would interpret the music while dancing, a DJ has to be sensitive to the dancers and adjust the music to their mood and desire. For the Sydney Tango Salon Festival, he will have recently returned from competing in the "Mundial de Tango" in Buenos Aires and will have experienced the latest music played in Buenos Aires' milongas. Leonel is truly passionate about tango and opens his heart every time he dances or DJ's, so he can give his all for you to enjoy his performance.


Fabian Conca

Fabian was born and raised in Buenos Aires Argentina, amidst a strong family tradition of the true spirit of tango . . a silent dialogue of music and romance. He has DJed many milongas across Australia and New Zealand and been a DJ for tango festivals in Sydney.

Fabian plays mostly orchestras from the Golden Age (1920s to 1950s) and seeks to display all orchestras of the period. He says a DJ must keep in mind that the music he plays must always be for the dancers, music to keep them on the dance floor.

Fabian is the regular DJ at Tango Entre Amigos milongas at Marrickville District Hardcourt Tennis Club, 3rd Saturday and 1st Sunday of every month. He was the International Milonga DJ for the Sydney Tango Salon Festival in 2010.


Federico Mattiuzzi

Federico Mattiuzzi is a tango dancer, teacher, chorographer, stage tango performer and Dee Jay. He was born and raised in New Zealand. He was the 2007 Australian Stage Tango Champion and producer of the 2009 Australian Tango Championships.

Having spent many months living and dancing at the milongas in Buenos Aires, Federico has learnt from some of the world’s best tango DJs; seeing how they read the mood of the room and select the orchestra and the songs accordingly. Federico’s music takes you on a wonderful tango journey back to the Golden Age of tango music and orchestras. He does not make pre-programmed playlists, but uses his experience to select the best music for that moment, to modulate the mood of the milonga to ensure a wonderful evening for the dancers.

"My preference is for the more rhythmic tangos, but in order to ensure a balanced playlist I choose some beautiful melodic tangos, always with the dancers best interests in mind. The highlight for me is at the end of the evening, when I know the dancers have enjoyed my music selection."

Federico is the Director of Dance Tango in Sydney since 2001. He is the regular DJ at Dance Tango's weekly Monday night milonga at Hotel Clarendon in Surry Hills and their monthly 4th Saturday Milonga at Club Five Dock in Five Dock.


Anthony Miller

With a great knowledge of and passion for tango, and collection of over 7000 tracks, with many rare and unavailable tracks, Anthony offers an unforgettable evening for those who really appreciate tango. "...I am a Tango Music enthusiast which is a never-ending mission: constantly on the lookout (listen-out) for new music..."

He plays music in 'tandas' of the same style and orchestra to deepen into the mood of each orchestra and is constantly in a dialogue with the energy of the floor, the dancers, and the night.

Anthony is the regular DJ at Tango Spirit's weekly and monthly Milongas at The City Tattersalls Club in the heart of the Sydney CBD and often DJs at other Sydney and Melbourne milongas. He has been an invited DJ at the International Tango Festival in Sydney in 2008, the Australian Tango Festival in 2009, the Sydney Tango Salon Festival in 2010 and the Seoul Tango Festival in Korea in 2011.



Sebastián Missé & Andrea Reyero

Sebastian and Andrea

Javier Rodríguez & Andrea Missé

Javier and Andrea

Fabián Peralta & Lorena Ermocida

Fabian and Lorena

Solo Tango Orquesta

Solo Tango