Saturday 17 Mar 2018
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STS Festival
2010 Maestros
"You must first connect with your partner. Then together as one, connect to the music."
Javier Rodriguez

Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Misse

Javier and Andrea are a celebrated couple both in Buenos Aires and worldwide, and are some of the most sought after teachers in international festivals. They are known not only for their elegance, precision and musicality in their dance, but also for their passion and respect for the traditional Argentine tango. Growing up in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, their knowledge and understanding of tango come from the old milongueros and milongueras at the milongas where they learnt to dance. Although they have evolved their own unique tango style, Javier and Andrea remain dedicated to the traditional form of Argentine Tango Salon which emphasizes the embrace, the walk, the music, the feeling, and the traditional codigas of the milongas.

Javier and Andrea not only nurture their students to become better dancers technically and aesthetically, they also inspire them to feel and understand tango not as a dance, but as an attitude and a way of life.

Javier & Andrea

Javier Rodriguez - Choreographer and performer for the films "Je ne se qua pur etre t'aime" in 2004 and "Assassination Tango" directed by Robert Duvall and Francis Ford Coppola in 2001. Javier has been touring extensively in Europe since 1998 and in Asia since 2003 for performances and workshops.
Andrea Missé - Performer, choreographer and tango teacher for various dance companies in Argentina from 1995 to 1999, performing for "National Geographic" and the TV channel "SOLO TANGO". Performer and choreographer for the presentation of Julio Iglesias' CD "TANGO".

Andrea Missé was the founder, director, choreographer and dancer of the "TANGODANZA COMPANY" in 1999. She has been touring extensively in Europe and USA since 1998 and in Asia since 2003 for performances and workshops.

Javier and Andrea are visiting Australia for the first time for the Sydney Tango Salon Festival in October 2010.

See their website here

Gabriel Misse and Natalia Hills

Gabriel Misse is one of the great “milongueros” of this generation. He started his formation as a dancer at the age of eight with great masters of tango such as Antonio Todaro y Pepito Avellaneda. In Buenos Aires he acted together with legendary artists such as Julian Plaza, Alberto Castillo, Mariano Mores and Armando Manzanero among others. For many years, Gabriel was part of the Miguel Angel Zotto’s company, “Tango x 2,” in its world-wide tours with “Una Noche de Tango.” He has appeared in tango documentaries for National Geographic and for Japanese television NH.

Born in Buenos Aires, Natalia Hills began her theatrical career at the age of 12 and soon appeared as both a dancer and choreographer in various national and international productions. Natalia was one of the dancers of the original cast of the Broadway and London hit "Forever Tango" and the recipient of a 1998 Tony Award and Drama Desk nomination for Best Choreography. In 1995 she performed in honor of Princess Diana Spencer, and she has danced with various orchestras in America in Boston, Los Angeles and New York and appeared on television.

Recently together, Natalia and Gabriel performed at the Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills, on NBC (National Broadcasting Coorporation) and as special guest artists at the Symphony Space, in New York City when the dance critic Alastair Macaulay at the New York Times published: “The intimacy between them was glorious…”

See their websites here and here

Gabirel & Natalia

Andres Laza Moreno and Isabel Acuna

Andres Laza Moreno and his new partner Isabel Acuna are renowned Buenos Aires teachers of Tango Salon with a traditional, elegant and dynamic tango dance style. Having toured within Asia, they are making their first appearance as teachers and performers in Australia at the Sydney Tango Salon Festival.

Comments from recent tour in Hong Kong:

Hung-Yut Chen & Hwayi (Seoul Tango Festival organizers): "We have taken many classes with Andrés over a five-month period in Buenos Aires. We love his dancing for its natural elegance and power. He is very approachable in class, always giving and very patient. We have learned a lot about Argentine Tango from him."

Gustavo Lin (Taipei Tango instructor): "I knew Andrés Laza Moreno since 2007. For me, he is one of the top 5 tango salon dancers in Milongas in Buenos Aires. He is recommended for his teaching skill. My friends and I learnt a lot from him."

See their website here

Andres & Isabel


Andres Laza Moreno & Isabel Acuna

showAndres & Isabel are sought after Buenos Aires tango teachers known for their elegant and subtly powerful portrayal of Argentine Tango in the Villa Urquiza style. We welcome their first time in Australia.

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Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Misse

showLauded in Buenos Aires and around the world, Javier and Andrea are celebrated exponents of the traditional form of Argentine Tango Salon in the Villa Urquiza style. We welcome them on their first visit to Australia.

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Gabriel Misse & Natalia Hills

showPerformers from an early age, Gabriel Misse and Natalia Hills are renowned Tango Salon exponents of stage and film, with a glorious intimacy in their dancing. We welcome their first visit to Australia.

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